About us

Sustainable direct timberland and agricultural investments are our passion!

As a timberland and agricultural investment advisor, INSILVAS helps clients to invest successfully in sustainable real assets.

We support our clients during the acquisition process and subsequent management. Together with local management companies, we help to sustainably manage, monitor and increase the value of the lands. Most importantly, we implement the clientsobjectives and thrive to meet their goals.

INSILVAS GmbH is the professional and respected advisor for sustainable real assets. With our custom-tailored solutions we advise, search for and assess forestry, agriculture and nature or climate protection projects.

We have proven our excellence and gained trust internationally with currently more than 40,000 ha under contract. We take pride in our excellent and reliable network of partners and professionals that we work with.

Together with our clients we take on greater responsibility for those unique ecosystems, our climate and people of today and tomorrow. We are committed to investing and managing the timber and agriculture lands to promote economic value together with enhancing the ecological and social attributes of the lands.

Our clients are European families, family offices, companies and institutional investors.

Meet Our Core Team Members

Dr. Heiko Hagemann
CEO and General Manager

German Forest Diploma

Main focus areas:


Dr. Heiko Hagemann

  • More than 10 years of consulting experience in forest, bioenergy and agroforestry as the CEO of Wald Agentur Münster GmbH

  • Contribution to and coordination of regional, national and international scientific research projects. Author of various reports and case studies focussing on forestry, timber industry and bioenergy

  • Since 2017 consultant for sustainable forest and agriculture investments. Assistance in successful investment transactions with in total more than 200.000 hectares. Regional focus mainly on Canada and the US but also projects in the Baltics, Ireland, and Germany

  • Doctoral thesis on wood supply in the timber industry of Brandenburg / Germany
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Dr. Marie-Louise Klare

M.Sc. in Landscape Ecology
B.Sc in Environmental Science

Main focus areas:


Dr. Marie Louise Klare

  • More than 9 years of consulting experience in sustainable forest and agriculture investments. Assistance in successful investment transactions with in total more than 200.000 hectares

  • Long-term care of customers and real estate, primarily in Canada and the USA

  • Forestry internship in a privately held forest company in Canada (8 months)

  • Doctoral thesis on forest ownership change and geospatial trends in the forest industry in North America
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