What we do

We provide expert advice on sustainable investments in timberland and agricultural land. We have a wide-ranging expertise in forestry, landscape ecology, timber markets and professional forest management. We support our client in all aspects that are needed to make the right decision when buying a sustainable real asset investment. And we don’t stop there – we help to implement a successful management system and make sure to reach our clients’ individual goals. We offer integrated, strategic, and comprehensive consulting services as well as first-class asset management.

We work in a trustworthy and respectful manner, using cutting-edge technology, sophisticated tools and a scientific approach to reach our clients’ goals. Insilvas GmbH stands for ESG integrated, sustainable land investments.

With the applied ecological and socially responsible management we are looking to grow healthy and strong forests and productive agriculture lands that will help to satisfy the economic expectations of our clients.

We assist our clients in all steps required for a successful long-term timberland and agriculture direct investment. We help to put their investment plan into action. From finding the suited property over to sales negotiations, due diligence and implementation of the property management. Often, our clients apply a multigenerational stewardship ethic towards their forest and we help them to realize it.

We work closely with local management companies to realize our clients’ individual objectives in their land ownership. Depending on the needs of our clients we take over all communications, management and monitoring duties within a long-term service partnership.

Aside from forestry and farming, there are many more opportunities that come with the investmant. We help to explore the options together with our clients. Whether it’s recreational development, diversification of income streams (e. g. leases or multi-use management) or implementation of carbon offset projects. We are up for it, analyze opportunities, risks and offer expert advice.

Our Values

We believe in sustainable direct land investments that are managed to protect and enhance the ecosystem services of timber- and agricultural land. We support forest stewardship and agriculture that builds strong and productive ecosystems which will help to mitigate climate change and at the same time provide financial returns for the land owners. We help to build investments that preserve their value for future generations and create economic power.

The value of lands lies in its biological diversity, productivity, protective role for water, air, climate and soil as well as their socio-economic benefits.

We work for our clients – independently, loyal and trustworthy. We use a scientific approach on our work and thrive for excellence in everything we do.

We take pride in our long-term cooperations with clients, partners and experts.

Who we serve

We help families, family offices, companies and institutional investors interested in timberland or agricultural investments. As a trusted and experienced advisor, we understand the needs, opportunities and aims of our clients.

As a German based but globally connected company, most of our clients are based in Europa but they are interested in investments abroad.

Long-term investors need scientific, relevant and reliable information to make the right decisions for the right assets: INSILVAS GmbH is the professional and respected advisor for sustainable real assets. With our custom-tailored solutions we advise, search for and assess forestry, agriculture and nature or climate protection projects.

Most importantly, we implement the clients’ objectives for the investment and thrive to meet their goals.